Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Clearance Tresemme at ShopRite = Possible Prices as Low at $.49 (While Supplies Last)

$2.49 - $2.75 - $2/1 (11/16 RP - on products allowed) = $.49 - $.75

75% OFF Skin Care Clearance at CVS (While Supplies Last)

I spotted these great buys while at the CVS on Marrows Rd today. I was will to buy w/out coupons b/c I've been watching these products for some time and never could find the right deal. 75% off is PERFECT! L'Oreal and Ponds items were also included and we have coupons for them. Check your binders or LRWC coupon database.

$1.99 Tide Pods at ShopRite (til 12/6)

$3.99 - $2/1 (11/16 RP) = $1.99

Ready for Perdue Tonite? (at ShopRite til 12/6)

Look what coupons can afford your families! While price comparing the oven roasters with the Ready Roasters, I realized I didn't have a coupon for the oven roaster and the $.75/1 q (10/12 RP) would make the preseasoned Ready Roaster less than the oven roaster where I'd still have to season it ($5.09 vs $5.57) Coupons allow choice!!! I love couponing!!!

$1.07 Perdue Cutlets at ShopRite (til 12/6)

I love when the Perdue products go on sale and we have coupons! We use the cutlets to make chicken parmesan and the kids LOVE IT!

$2.57 - $.75/1 (10/12 RP) = $1.07

Nature's Own Bread on Sale at ShopRite (til 12/6)

Again! The coupons are attached to the products:

$2.50 - $.55/1 (attached peelie - marked DND but did in self checkout) = $1.40

$.49 Arm & Hammer Detergent at ShopRite (til 12/6)

This deal gets no easier, especially when the coupons are attached to the products! If you're not a pod fan, use the coupon on the bottled detergent:

Buy 2 @ $1.99 each - $3/2 (attached peelie) = $.49 each wyb 2